Classes planned (D.V.) for January/February 2019

It's REALLY hard to believe that it's the new year... I don't quite seem to have finished the last one 😲! I am really looking forward to working with everyone again, and hope to introduce more participants to this course. Reminder:
The entire course is 6 modules which combine art, creative writing, narrative therapy and art therapy to enhance/access and reformulate in some instances creative thinking.

Classes January 26th   Mojo 2 - last class of Module 1 January 29th   Mojo 4 - beginning of Module 1 February 6th   Mojo 3 - Start of Module 3 (proposed date) February 16th Mojo 1 - Class 2 of Module 1

New Classes February 5th  Mojo 5 - Classes start - Introductory Class in Glen Anil - 9.30

The programme is as follows:
Introductory Class 1
Self Portrait - of another sort
Whatis a self-portrait? What is its function/How does it function?

Module 1
The Right of Writing
4/5 Sessions)
We cover the following discussions, all the while making a painting:
Understanding a BLOCK/the Liminal Spa…

Partial Conclusion to the Self Portrait and Module 1 Workshops

On an every-now-and-again Saturday I meet with Wendy, a councilor/therapist. She is a wonderful sounding board for course material as she is as keen as me to see how each module unfolds. A one-on-one is also an interesting experience as it is  more intimate and leaves time for exploring other avenues. We are busy making two original chapbooks called The Self Portrait and the Seed. I’m looking forward to seeing the end results. It gives me a chance to see how the process will work in bigger classes. Very exciting!

Art and MoJo in Spain

Ok - not EXACTLY - I didn't have the discomfort of flying there, but teaching at Studio 33 on Tuesday was simply gorgeous. Our hostess, Catherine Stempowski is the most gracious lady with FINE, fine art abilities. The studio dog, Ochre is a rescue dog. She was so relaxed, so in tune with her environment.

After the workshop, participants were reminded that this course is about combining many disciplines into one process to access creativity.  In order to begin this journey we examine ourselves - our own version of the 'self portrait'. Writing is ultimately the subject matter. Writing as reflection, as poetry as asemic as aesthetic as logographic as landscape of the mind. 
I hope I did not leave anyone out! Sitting in this environment of peace and creativity brought out for me, once again, the reason why creativity is our greatest gift, given by the Creator of all.

Module 1, Workshop 1 Reflective Journal Pages

An essential part of creative thinking is to unpack ones thoughts in a visual way. Ideas and concepts are made flesh and somehow, therefore become further evidence to be explored. The following are some wonder journal pages from the second and third group of creatives. We are unpacking seeds as metaphors for ideas. This is not everyone in the group, but these images give the idea of digging and delving, searching and revealing layers in order to UNDERSTAND. Most of us will be meeting again on the 10th November and then lets see how much more gets unravelled. We will also be painting and discussing The Medici Effect in workshop 3.  I am looking forward! We held this class at eye4art, but the next will be held in my studio at home. We will then revert back to the gallery space.

MoJo1's Module 1, workshop 1.

We had a great evening - and I think by the end, brains were a little boggled?! The group melded beautifully and the nurturing environment enabled us all to step into the liminal space - the first breath, arms flung back before we all take a leap off the high-dive board. We know what we know, we know what we don't know, but its time to feel and become familiar with the spaces in-between.
The class of participants - we were 3 short, so we have to work a way to get the others to do Workshop 1.

First results after workshop 1. Don't be fooled - these will be VERY different by the time you see them at the end. Thanks again Michelle and Zelda - Zelda - that mushroom soup was the best I've ever tasted.I look forward to the next bowl of delicious!! 

A closer view: - I won't tell you how we got here, thats for you to come and see for yourself.

Module 1 at eye4art, Sunningdale


New Course Begins Saturday 15 September

Please note:
The first of 6 modules in the series Give Me Back My MoJo! Accessing Instinctual Creativity will begin D.V. on Saturday 8 September at 2.30 pm. The Right of Writing (Part 1) investigates the liminal space, the Medici Effect, various forms of ancient writing and of course we will be painting! This course, which cross-pollinates various disciplines, including Narrative Therapy and Visual Art is a must for anyone experiencing any kind of BLOCK! We unlock creativity by moving from the concrete to the abstract using rules and imagery of language rather than art.